Matt and Sarah {Engagement}

We spent a lovely overcast afternoon a few weeks ago leading Matt and Sarah around downtown Fort Myers with a small entourage that consisted of Grant (my wonderful assistant), one of Sarah’s bridesmaids that was key to our artistic success with mad-chalk skills, and Capone (their pup).

It was truly a joy to capture Sarah and Matt’s relationship through my lens. They know how to have fun and laugh together…and they also have this chemistry about them that is breath-taking. When of the two of them would lean in for a kiss (and I’m sorry if this may sound cliche’) everything kind of went silent around us. They just share this great bond and I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to be able to capture their love. I am already counting down the days until 2013 comes and I get to photograph them as husband and wife. Much love to you guys- the camera seriously LOVES ya!

See what I mean about their chemistry? They’re awesome! To see more visit Taken with Love Photography page- and be sure to become a fan. 🙂


Rachel and Steven {wedding}

This last summer Steven and Rachel and I met downtown for their engagement session. To say I was over the moon to shoot their wedding is an understatement! You see, there is something about catching the closeness and chemistry between two people that are in love- and Steven and Rachel definitely have that look. They are most certainly a couple that has just built the foundation for a happily ever life together…and I got to be apart of their day.


Even though there were rain clouds looming in the distance, Rachel and Steven had a beautiful wedding ceremony with a gentle breeze and the sun shining down on them. When I first met with Rachel and we spoke about wedding plans she shared with me her vision on a classy princess wedding. Her vision came to life on her wedding day {with the help of her wonderful bridesmaids} and she had just that. Not only did Rachel look like a princess, but all the details of the day were so very elegant! One of my most favorite parts of the afternoon was the fact that they wrote their own vows. They both wrote such heart-felt sentiments, I even got a little choked up!



Everything about this couple is just so wonderful. They are the sweetest people, who are surrounded by truly awesome friends and family. I am so completely thankful to have been a small part of their big day. Again, Rachel and Steven, I wish you the best happy ever after two people could possibly have.

getting caught in the rain {literally}

Grant (my husband) and I take our dog Lily for walks around the block every evening when we have the opportunity. I usually just want to eat dinner then, watch tv/ read/ play with photos during the evening, but Grant says it will be good for us to walk, and so we do. (I am glad that he forces me to do it…) So on this particular evening last week it was already dusk and just as we were leaving our driveway we felt a few rain drops. We ignored this small warning and kept walking. We were just far enough down the road to turn back when it started to rain. We started to jog (which was comical in itself because we were both wearing flip flops). No sooner did we start jogging that it started pouring. At this point we are running and laughing because our bellies were full from dinner and I am not a runner. All 6′ 4″ of Grant can run, and apparently me trying to keep up is funny.

The point you ask? There is something very exciting about being caught in the rain when you least expect it. It is a little hard to explain, like something you are told you should avoid- but when you actually are in the middle of a downpour there’s not much you can do, but laugh. It filled my soul up and gave me a new love for the rain. So yes, we were soggy, I was out of breath, and we had to take our shoes off to make it the rest of the way- but it was beautiful and perfect and so out of the routine of life.


a view from this past summer in Seattle.

{expecting} twins

It feels like only a few short months ago that I made a short drive to Punta Gorda to meet with Milina and Preston to photograph their maternity session. They are seriously the sweetest couple- and I instantly knew they were going to be wonderful parents to the two little boys they were expecting in December.

{expecting} twins

When I met the boys- I couldn’t stop starring. They are so incredibly extraordinary. They are both very sweet! And boy do they have beautiful eyes. I was able to spend the afternoon photographing them both individually and together. What sweet blessings these two boys are! And I was right…Milina and Preston make perfect parents.