getting caught in the rain {literally}

Grant (my husband) and I take our dog Lily for walks around the block every evening when we have the opportunity. I usually just want to eat dinner then, watch tv/ read/ play with photos during the evening, but Grant says it will be good for us to walk, and so we do. (I am glad that he forces me to do it…) So on this particular evening last week it was already dusk and just as we were leaving our driveway we felt a few rain drops. We ignored this small warning and kept walking. We were just far enough down the road to turn back when it started to rain. We started to jog (which was comical in itself because we were both wearing flip flops). No sooner did we start jogging that it started pouring. At this point we are running and laughing because our bellies were full from dinner and I am not a runner. All 6′ 4″ of Grant can run, and apparently me trying to keep up is funny.

The point you ask? There is something very exciting about being caught in the rain when you least expect it. It is a little hard to explain, like something you are told you should avoid- but when you actually are in the middle of a downpour there’s not much you can do, but laugh. It filled my soul up and gave me a new love for the rain. So yes, we were soggy, I was out of breath, and we had to take our shoes off to make it the rest of the way- but it was beautiful and perfect and so out of the routine of life.


a view from this past summer in Seattle.


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