Matt and Sarah {Engagement}

We spent a lovely overcast afternoon a few weeks ago leading Matt and Sarah around downtown Fort Myers with a small entourage that consisted of Grant (my wonderful assistant), one of Sarah’s bridesmaids that was key to our artistic success with mad-chalk skills, and Capone (their pup).

It was truly a joy to capture Sarah and Matt’s relationship through my lens. They know how to have fun and laugh together…and they also have this chemistry about them that is breath-taking. When of the two of them would lean in for a kiss (and I’m sorry if this may sound cliche’) everything kind of went silent around us. They just share this great bond and I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to be able to capture their love. I am already counting down the days until 2013 comes and I get to photograph them as husband and wife. Much love to you guys- the camera seriously LOVES ya!

See what I mean about their chemistry? They’re awesome! To see more visit Taken with Love Photography page- and be sure to become a fan. 🙂


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