Growing up….quickly. {Nadia}

I can probably show this better in images, then I can in words…but one of the most rewarding and special things (and there are many) about this profession is getting the opportunity to watch families grow. In the last year 1/2 that I have started my business I have gotten to capture families joining together in marriage, then starting a family- and then- over the course of the year I have documented their little one growing up.

Jenna and Omar have recently celebrated their first daughter’s 1st birthday!! Each time I met to photograph Nadia, I think, goodness…she is one gorgeous little girl, and each time she gets cuter and cuter. If you take a tour back to my earlier shoots on my Facebook page  you can see a few of the Aziz’s maternity photos. Flash forward a few months, enter Nadia~

4 days old

4 days old

6 months old

6 months old


I love that her eyes are this color…and so are her lips. Like I said she’s a little beauty and I look forward to continue to watch her grow up…because for heaven’s sake- she’s doing it so quickly.

On a very side note- as part of a little self discovery that I have been doing lately; another reason I love doing shoots like these is to look back at where I began and to see how much I have grown…I believe that in order to see where you are going it is good to look back and measure your progress. I can truly say I thank each and every one of my clients (who have became some really great friends) for trusting me to capture their special moments. Thank you for liking, no LOVING my work, and encouraging me to keep going. From every inch of my heart I thank you all. If I have photographed you, you can be assured that you have a very special place in my soul. With Love always,  Renee.


Sweet baby Alyssa

Just over a month ago, we met to capture Jarrod and Stacey for their maternity session, and now sweet little Alyssa is here! She is such a beauty and goodness do I adore all of her hair! I can’t tell you how happy I am for Stacey and Jarrod as they have embarked on this next chapter of their lives. The deserve nothing less then this precious blessing. Here’s to a happy, healthy new baby girl~ Congrats you two!

Britney and Chad {I do}

It’s been almost a year since Britney and her mom and I sat down to discuss her wedding plans. That week she had come back to Fort Myers from Tallahassee and found her wedding venue {Palmetto Pines Country Club in Cape Coral} and we discussed how everything was falling into place. {Don’t ya just love that feeling?} Over Thanksgiving we met for Chad and Britney’s engagement shoot downtown…and boy did they have me laughing. Chad is a particularly funny guy; so I knew that the wedding would be nothing shy of fun!

Fast forward to April 28, and you will find a few photos of the thousands that Grant and I captured during their wedding. It was everything that I though it would be, beautiful, elegant, and fun. Just as we were getting ready to go outside to take the before wedding shots, it started to pour. After much decision, they decided to have the ceremony inside. Even though it wasn’t in “the plan” everyone handled it really well, because at the end of the day, all that mattered was that they were married.

We were able to take about 5 minutes after the ceremony to take a few photos of the wedding party and family, and then had to take cover once again. As you can see though, Britney and Chad didn’t let a little rain spoil their wedding day.

One of my very favorite parts of the wedding (besides the hilarious groomsmen, friendly and sweet bridesmaids, and great families….oh and the way that Chad looks at Britney….) was the fact that everyone was out on the dance floor! The music was a great mix, and it made me want to get out there and dance…just sayin!

Without further ado, a few photos…the rest may be seen on our Facebook page: Taken with Love Photography…make sure to “like” the page!!!

Doesn’t she look stunning?

On a side note, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my husband, second shooter, business partner Grant for capturing such beautiful shots (as pictured above). He ROCKED this wedding. He coordinated people, he made everyone laugh, and he carried plenty of umbrellas for the wedding party. I can’t thank him enough for not only being an outstanding partner but a fantastic photographer. That’s just one of the many reasons I love him! xoxoxo