This past week I had the privilege of meeting up with two old friends from my high school alma mater- Cypress Lake. Nick and Sarah were friends in high school, but began dating in college. For as long as I have known her, Sarah has been an EXTREMELY talented artist! I even have a couple of  her sketches 🙂 And Nick recently enlisted inthe Navy! What! So if you ask me, these 2 are going places!

So, not only are these two just plain awesome, they have a love that is completely genuine. I feel that my words can’t do them justice, but I hope that my pictures can capture just a little of how beautiful their love is. They just adore each other and that makes my heart happy!

To see more of this shoot please visit my Facebook page: Taken with Love Photography…and “like” the page! xoxo


P.s. they love hiking and comic books- did I mention how much fun they are?!


Well hello again!



Soo I have been a bad blogger. I know my resolution for 2012 was to become a better blogger…but alas, I did not stick to that one. I feel like I have a good reason, however.

Shortly after I made the trip to Michigan, I found out that my husband and I were expecting! I took much of the summer off to deal with morning sickness and only did light work throughout the rest of 2012. After all, it was tough moving around with a belly and a big lens!

2013 has thus far brought our beautiful son into our lives. To say that becoming a parent is a life-changer is an understatement. He’s amazing and I absolutely adore him! I have decided this year that I will only be taking limited clients so that I can devote more time to being a good mommy. Of course, I welcome any requests so please fill up my inbox with love!

Keep an eye out for all the beautiful people to come~ with love, Renee.