the importance of my photos {I get it now}

image337Ok. I think I’m finally ready to write this all out. As I sat here playing with a new look for this blog and continued to procrastinate- then getting mad at myself for said procrastination- I finally decided on this new look for this blog.

While I would of course like to say I will keep this up- I really can’t say for certain. I love writing. In fact, it was my first love just before photography. I should say, it was something I enjoyed doing before I had a camera in my hand. IF I continue to blog you may see a new mixture of both photos and writing about random things that are on my mind.

A couple of things that have been increasingly on my mind as of late are this:

1. I’m exhausted. It is now summer, school is out, and I am able to relax with the ones I love most- BUT- I still feel tired. My husband says it is because we are busy chasing an active toddler around, but I believe it goes a little  bit deeper than that. I believe my body is finally resting from a year that was so BIG on some many levels.

I know I need to write this down so that one day my family and I can laugh about all the shenanigans that went on in 2013- so here is a small view of it: We welcomed our sweet little baby into the world in February, I went back to work part-time in the summer, we decided to put our house up for sale (just to see what would happen)…and it sold in about a month and a half. I got a new job as a high school reading teacher (and if you are a teacher or know a teacher this is a huge deal in itself because there is so much planning that goes into this!) We bought a new home, moved in to said home after living with my parents and 4 dogs for 2 weeks (we still love each other)!! Then started renovating our new home since it was missing doors, lights etc. All with an ever-growing-mobile little boy!

Shortly after we moved in to our new home, my uncle came to celebrate his marriage {see previous post} and we had my entire family in town for a long weekend. To say it was a perfect celebration of not only two people who I love dearly but a celebration of what it means to have an awesome family is an understatement. It was the first time my grandpa Duke got to meet his first great-grandson and that to me is something I will forever be grateful for.

Just about three weeks later after the wedding, my grandpa Duke passed away. It rocked our world. The shining light through it was that we had  all just had been together and had a beautiful time to remember.

And then it suddenly all made sense- Why I have always been a crazy woman about taking pictures. Yes, I love to do it. I love capturing my little world through a lens and then preserving it forever. But because I do it-I get to look back and remember the details that otherwise might get lost in this sometimes hectic world I live in.  Seize the moment to photograph the ones you love, doing those priceless things-whether it’s with your camera phone or hiring a photographer-capture it all.



2. Being a teacher now I have now had the summer to take some time to reflect on myself and my goals. I have been considering changing my photography name because, while it still captures exactly how I feel about photography-it also has been taken by a few others as of recent-and I want my own name! I am still excepting clients but on a much smaller basis as of now-since I am dabbling in so many things at the moment!

Also, I would love to write more, but I am willing to except that it may just take time to decide what that will look like for me.

I hope this season finds you well and completely in love with your surroundings! Now go get out there and take some photographs!

With love, always, Renee.