2015- Highlights


Phew! I knew this day was coming, but at some points during this year, I didn’t know just how quickly we would be closing the door on 2015 and welcoming 2016 with open arms.

In my photography world, this has been such a blessed year of growth, and I am confident that 2016 is going to bring even more blissful opportunities for me to capture. Looking back over this year I can honestly say that this is the happiest I have been with myself as an artist thus far. To be able to live my passion, is undoubtedly, one of the greatest gifts that my clients could give me! Especially in the last few months (when I personally needed it most) I have been in a state of bliss and sometimes my heart feels like it is going to explode with the happiness I have felt while getting to shoot. This is one of the reasons why I love photography so much. So, thank you, to all of you that have believed in me, encouraged me, trusted me to capture your most beautiful memories. Keep pushing me- keep spreading the word- as this is the direction that I want to keep moving in.

On a personal note, this year has been (excuse the cliche), a roller coaster ride both physically and emotionally! Starting in January, we learned that we would become a family of 4 in 2015! We celebrated many birthdays (including my son’s 2nd) and spent some of the most precious days with our family. We held our breaths as a few of our family members had surgeries and health scares and prayed for comfort and relief for those that it effected. We welcomed many friend’s babies, as well as our (rather early) little boy, Carter.


In September, we spent 12 days back and forth to the hospital, while wishing each day would bring us one day closer to bringing Carter home. Looking back, 12 days doesn’t seem that long, but while we were living it, we went through the many emotions of being thankful he was ok, to feeling stress/anxiousness/fatigue. It did make coming home that much sweeter though! I learned a lot about being in control in September, and a lot about how I needed to let things go, and be as they may.

As October rolled around we were settling in to being a family of four. My grandma Elsie (whom this company is named after) came in to town to visit her newest great-grandson, and we again rejoiced at how fortunate we are to watch our boys grow and play with their great grandma! At the end of October we received the tragic news that my talented and most hilarious uncle had passed away in a terrible plane accident. It left my family stunned, shell-shocked, and once again we found ourselves all together, rallying to find comfort in such a difficult time. Not only was this someone that I was close with but someone that I was privileged enough to capture his wedding to his wife (and my aunt) two years ago.


We spent the rest of this year plunging in to the holidays and finding joy and comfort in memories made, and memories yet to make. With another hard drive full of photos, I am thankful for the end of this year, and although it was filled with MANY blessings, there are plenty of things that I am ready to move forward from. I hope that this coming year brings joy, comfort, and all things bright to all of you! 


Nancy & Thomas-The Butterfly Estates

He used to try to copy off of her paper in high school. They were always very good friends while attending Cypress Lake High. Upon graduating, they went their separate ways in college. Years went by as they lived in various cities, and yet, thankfully for Facebook, they reconnected after loosing touch for so long. I think it is clear to see that what started as a teenage friendship, has blossomed in to so much more. They wear their love through their smiles and laughter, and I could not be happier for these two!

After various emails back and forth Nancy and Thomas decided that they wanted to have their engagement session at the Fort Myers Butterfly Estates. This beautiful and peaceful location was where Tommy proposed (with the help of the wonderful staff) last February! It was a perfect location being surrounded by butterflies. One can hear sounds of a trickling waterfall and can be spoiled by the vibrant colors that abound. 2015-12-19_0001

One of my most favorite parts about this session, is all of the smiling that I did. Seriously. Even as I was editing these photos I realized that I was gazing at my computer screen with a huge smile on my face. That’s what being around these two does for people. Your spirt will be lifted, and you are sure to have a good laugh. They deserve all the happiness in the world! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in April.