Kayla and Alex

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As I was driving home from Kayla and Alex’s wedding on Saturday night I was trying to construct this post in my head. One of the biggest ways that I can describe their wedding was fun. Their guest were laughing and dancing and one could feel the love in the air. And this wasn’t just the love between Alex and Kayla, who are high school sweethearts, but from everyone that was in the room. They are sentimental and family driven people, and traditions and heritage mean something to them. I feel completely blessed to have been apart of their wedding.

Kayla and Alex, I wish you nothing but all of the sweetest times ahead. Continue to laugh with each other, be each other’s friend, and you will have a long and beautiful marriage.

Here are a few moments from their wedding at Bonita Bay Country Club.

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Even though we only had a few minutes for photos due to rain, we were super excited about the rainbow, obviously 🙂



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