An & Harrison are married at Miromar Lakes, Estero Fl.

I have to share a few more from our recent wedding with An and Harrison! They were married on the beach of Miromar Lakes in Estero with their close family and friends. It was such a beautiful wedding day, and we were so thankful that it didn’t rain! Here’s to the happy new couple! I wish you all of the best on your new journey together.

PS- Doesn’t she look like a princess?? 🙂



An & Harrison Engagement session in downtown Fort Myers

This session was unique because we met the day before their wedding, for this engagement session. Local to the Boston area, I was so excited to be able to show them around our little downtown Fort Myers! They are two of the sweetest people that I have had the opportunity to work with and I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of their engagement session (and wedding coming soon)!


Senior Photos: A how to guide. Fort Myers, Florida.

How toprepare for your senior photos

It is no secret that I LOVE photographing seniors. Maybe it’s that they are on the verge of making big changes in their lives or maybe it’s because they can hold a pose 🙂 Either way, I wanted to give a little “how to do a senior session right” blog so that it may prepare others for a successful session!

  1. When we are setting up a session, I always encourage parents to bring at least one wardrobe change. Why? Because it gives depth and variation to the shoot, and your gallery will be that much more colorful!
  2. Bring props! Allow me to explain: I personally prefer to create individualized senior sessions. I want my clients’ personalities to shine through. Now this can be something as simple as a bat, baseball glove, volleyball, dance shoes, musical instrument etc. (You might be thinking, my child plays the tuba; I’m not bringing that to the session…and that’s fine. Bring some sheet music and I can guarantee it will be worth it!). If they are a more academic student; bring books, pencils and paper!
  3. On occasion, there are seniors that do not have any extracurricular activities that they are involved in, and that’s great too! This is where we can really play up wardrobes and accessorize (bring a hat, jacket, or different jewelry)!
  4. Get Creative! Ask your senior if they have ideas on how they might like to portray their style. The biggest most important part to this is that it is fun, beautiful and that we are creating timeless images to last.
  5. Enjoy our most recent senior, Cooper. (And notice that they came prepared with outfit changes and props!) I truly enjoyed working with this guy and his family!


Waiting for baby boy- Downtown Fort Myers Maternity Session

We were rained out once this summer when we attempted to do their maternity shoot, but last Sunday was perfect for Susana and Angelo’s Maternity session! What a beautiful family. I am so excited for you to welcome your son into your family soon. I know you are excited too~

Enjoy these sneak peeks—xo


The Eve of the first day of Kindergarten

As I sat here tonight making my son’s lunch for school tomorrow for the first time, I thought I would be thinking how I couldn’t believe that our first baby was starting school tomorrow. And while those thoughts were floating around too, I mostly was thinking about my mom and the many years she spent in the evenings (or early mornings) making my school lunches. She always packed our lunches so thoughtfully, and while I was doing the same tonight I thought about making our son’s lunch perfect too. It’s like a simple sandwich all of a sudden will have the ability to let him know that I was thinking of him midway through his day.

I know I am not the only one tonight preparing for the first day of Kindergarten. All week (all summer), I kept catching myself glancing at my oldest and wondering how we got here so quickly. Those older and wiser than us told my husband and I that this would happen. That our little ones grow fast, and boy were they right. I feel like I have been holding my breath this past week in anticipation for this day. Even now I find myself struggling to find the right words or emotions I feel about it—can I feel all of them at once?

I am excited for him and I am relieved that he is excited too. But I’m also a little surprised by the fact that just by being at open house the other night I felt my eyes well with tears and had to hang back just to make sure I was composed. Then today, when we read a book about Kindergarten I found that same lump in my throat. I looked at my son and I said “If you see me teary-eyed tomorrow, know that it’s just because I am so happy and excited for you.” He smiled his adorable little grin and that was that.

What I can confidently say is that even if I am (partly) not ready for this to start, he is. We have watched him grow from this happy, easy to get along with baby, to a sweet and kind boy. I know he will thrive. I know he will make new friends and learn all of the things that school teaches us into adulthood, and I know he will do well!  I’m wishing all of my mom friends, teacher friends, a very wonderful first day tomorrow! And a special thank you to my own mom, for the many school lunches throughout the years. xo

And if you stuck around this long— here’s a photo of my first day of Kindergarten 🙂 Yes, I had a pink Cadillac backpack!


Lisa and Eddie at Lover’s Key

As a creative, there are certain things that you may want to create, and sometimes you just have to find the right people to help your vision come alive. For me, these two have been there all along, so it really was a matter of timing. First and foremost, Eddie and Lisa are fondly referred to as our roomies. That’s right, we have known each other since college and subsequently I started dating my husband just a few months before Lisa and Eddie were “official.” Secondly, as soon as I saw Lisa’s bike that Eddie bought for her birthday, I knew we had to make a session happen. Furthermore, if you scroll all the way to the end, you will see other visions that just came to fruition. Like them being cool with laying in the surf and dancing in the water. As you can see, if you are willing to push the envelope just a little, you can create epic shots such as these.

Thank you two— we love you!


Jessica and Dexter are married at Suite Forty Eight, Ft. Myers, Fl.

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to spend the whole day with Jessica and Dexter to share in part of their wedding day! What a beautiful family and a wonderful day. Enjoy these sneak peek photos of a couple that is perfect for one another.

Wedding Preparation Location: Legacy Harbor Hotel and Suites

Venue: Suite Forty Eight

Hair: Shear Perfection Studio

Make-up: Make-up and Fros by Lolo

Dress: For the Bride

Photography: Elsie J Photo2018-07-11_00292018-07-11_00322018-07-11_00012018-07-11_00022018-07-11_0003We arrived to one of the most calm brides getting ready that I have ever been to! You could see just how loved Jes was by her sister and friends. 2018-07-11_00042018-07-11_00052018-07-11_00062018-07-11_0007Dexter was having a great time getting ready too 🙂2018-07-11_0008I love that their children were incorporated in the wedding, and made the absolute cutest flower girl and ring bearer. 2018-07-11_00092018-07-11_00102018-07-11_00112018-07-11_00122018-07-11_0013Once we arrived at Suite Forty Eight, we were delighted by the jewel toned colors that were found in all the details. 2018-07-11_00142018-07-11_00152018-07-11_00162018-07-11_00172018-07-11_00182018-07-11_00192018-07-11_00202018-07-11_00212018-07-11_00222018-07-11_00232018-07-11_00242018-07-11_00252018-07-11_00262018-07-11_00272018-07-11_00282018-07-11_00302018-07-11_00312018-07-11_00332018-07-11_00342018-07-11_00352018-07-11_00362018-07-11_00372018-07-11_00382018-07-11_00392018-07-11_00402018-07-11_00412018-07-11_00422018-07-11_00432018-07-11_0044One of the most epic cake-smashes yet! 2018-07-11_0045We ended the night with sparklers, seriously a favorite, and kisses from a wonderful evening! Congratulations Jessica and Dexter! Grant, Lisa, and I were so happy to be apart of your wedding day. xo 2018-07-11_0046

Steven and Lauren tie the knot at Southern Fresh Farms, Ft. Myers, Fl.

As we photographed Steven and Lauren’s wedding last Saturday, we kept hearing the same things from guests walking by: how happy these two are together. They married at Southern Fresh Farms, where everyone was made to feel like family. One could tell that they just wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, and that they did.


The girls had a wonderful bridal suite to get ready in. And the ceremony set-up was so sweet! 2018-07-03_00042018-07-03_0002Upon on the guys’ arrival, they had to pay a visit to the farm animals.

2018-07-03_00072018-07-03_0005And then we got to witness such joy as everyone watched the ceremony take place!

2018-07-03_0006Look at how happy Steven is to see his bride!

2018-07-03_00082018-07-03_0021And what would a ceremony be without a little bit of excitement? The wedding band was almost lost between the cracks during the ceremony.

2018-07-03_0009But fortunately, everyone had a good laugh after the almost-mishap! 2018-07-03_00102018-07-03_00112018-07-03_00122018-07-03_00132018-07-03_00162018-07-03_0019

They stood for photos in the rain,  laughed, kissed and we were surrounded by happiness. 2018-07-03_00172018-07-03_00182018-07-03_00142018-07-03_00152018-07-03_00232018-07-03_0024

Congratulations Lauren and Steven. We are so thankful to have been with you at the start of this beautiful journey!

Moments: the joy of capturing a family’s occasion one click at a time.

When Ali and I sat down to discuss her upcoming session on beach, we kept drawing upon the same word: Moments. I know this is nothing new, the idea of capturing moments, but photography is so much more than just taking a few family portraits or hours of documenting a wedding. It’s about all of the moments that are becoming tangible evidence of memories in the past.

Right now I have 6,294 photos and 286 videos on my phone. THOUSANDS more saved on a USB(s). I obviously love photography, but I love it more because of the memories it keeps for us. It is so important to document your days and special occasions, because they go by so very fast. And if you have photos taken, then what do you do with them? I’m a big fan of hanging them on walls in beautiful frames. (My husband can always get me to agree with him if he negotiates wall space to hang more photos) 🙂 Not only do I get prints, but every year, I put together a yearbook of our family. I am on our fifth year of doing this (prior to this I have albums of prints). I am working on rolling out this as a service to you, so I would love to hear your feedback on it!

I hope that you see the true joy that each family or wedding has and just what special moments we are capturing for them. Enjoy these sneaks from our session on Lover’s Key, Fort Myers, Florida.


Baby B’s Lifestyle Session

It was such an honor to work with two friends from high school; it’s been awhile! They have the most precious baby boy and I probably could have stayed and hung out with him all day 🙂

Welcome to the world, little one.