Melanie and Matt: Married at The Landings

Friday night Melanie and Matt tied the knot amongst close family and friends at The Landings. It was intimate, relaxed and beautiful. Not to mention, we were given a truly stunning sunset.

Enjoy these sneaks of their beautiful marriage. Congratulations Melanie and Matt!



Kristin and Shane- Engaged

These two! We seriously laughed during their whole engagement session. It was one of those sessions where I left re-energized and in even more in love with this photographer life. Here are a few favorites from our session.

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Reid is 6 months old

It’s no secret that I have been fortunate to photograph all of this families big events- and this one was no exception! Little Reid is 6 months old and boy was he fun to capture on camera. He’s got a wonderful little personality!


A 4,200 mile Road Trip with 2 small kids- Part 1

Yes, you read that correctly. And you probably had the same reaction that most others had: “Are you crazy?! Good luck with that!” And you couldn’t be more correct. It was both crazy, and we did need a lot of luck and planning to get us to our three major destinations.

Of our nearly 8 years that my husband and I have been together, we have made quite a few road trips. Mostly, to visit family in various states like GA and MI. So when we decided to make this trip, it was for the same reason.

Some of my friends have asked how we travel with such small children in such long distances, so I’d thought I’d share that here. This summer we traveled with our 4 year old and  21 month old active boys. Going to each new destination we wake up super early. On this first leg of the trip we left the house around 3:30 am. We leave this early because it tends to make at least one of the boys go back to sleep until the sun comes up, and they are much calmer before that first stop.

We kept the kids in their pjs, packed most of what we could the night before, and had a change of clothes in the car for our first rest stop/ breakfast. Gainesville, Ga isn’t bad; it’s about a 9 hour drive from Fort Myers, Fl. So we planned to arrive around 12:30.

We made sure to pack plenty of movies, snacks, and small toys to play with. We stopped around 8 am for breakfast, potty break, and to readjust. Once to Atlanta the oldest got a little motion sick, otherwise we would have made it there with only one stop. (Did I mention that having an extra change of clothes is super important?).

A few other things I feel like it’s important to ALWAYS have with us. A plastic cup, plastic bag (for garbage or motion sickness) and a ROLL of paper towels. I also might add carpet cleaner to this emergency kit. 🙂

We spent a lovely few days with family in Georgia. One of the highlights was playing in Boggs creek! The cousins completely loved being together, and it was so much fun to watch. We also stopped at Jaemor Farms and celebrated my nephew’s 7th birthday!

I’ll be sharing part 2 of our trip soon! Ask me any questions about how we road trip!