Robert and Colleen-Engagement in Roanoke, Va.

She knew most of his family before she met him, but when Colleen and Robert finally did meet they began a friendship that would turn into something more. I will let these photos speak for themselves; it is clear that they love laughing together and they are incredibly happy.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Colleen and Robert in such a beautiful setting like Carvins Cove.  This shoot left me wanting more mountains and I’m hoping to go back again soon for more shoots and weddings!

We may have gone back another day to take more pictures there with my kiddos 🙂 I hope you enjoy a few more photos from their engagement session in the mountains. A special thanks to our best friends that helped find this location, due to us not being locals. xoxo

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Kayla and Alex

As I was driving home from Kayla and Alex’s wedding on Saturday night I was trying to construct this post in my head. One of the biggest ways that I can describe their wedding was fun. Their guest were laughing and dancing and one could feel the love in the air. And this wasn’t just the love between Alex and Kayla, who are high school sweethearts, but from everyone that was in the room. They are sentimental and family driven people, and traditions and heritage mean something to them. I feel completely blessed to have been apart of their wedding.

Kayla and Alex, I wish you nothing but all of the sweetest times ahead. Continue to laugh with each other, be each other’s friend, and you will have a long and beautiful marriage.

Here are a few moments from their wedding at Bonita Bay Country Club.

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Even though we only had a few minutes for photos due to rain, we were super excited about the rainbow, obviously 🙂


Sydney ~ Senior

Sydney is graduating this next school year, so we captured this momentuous milestone in downtown Fort Myers. And let me just say, my photographer heart was so elated working with her. What a gorgeous young woman.  I wish you all of the best in your senior year and throughout your college journey!

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Maternity Photos- Bunche Beach

Last weekend I had the enormous pleasure to photograph Ryan and Becca’s maternity session on Bunche Beach. This shoot is one that I(and anyone who really knows Becca) has been waiting and hoping for, well, for a few years now.

You see, Becca is one of those people that is always there for others. She is thoughtful and is a perfect babysitter (just ask my children)! While I have known Becca for well over 10 years now, into our adulthood, I have seen her want nothing more then to be a mother. She has graciously and lovingly helped be support for friends and family that are lucky enough to be moms, but all the while we knew she wanted her own. Between almost getting babies to foster, to possibly having one on her own, this was always part of her plan. Her family and friends have been part of this journey, and each time another almost-HER-baby fell through, we all just couldn’t understand why. Enter Ryan. They fell in love quickly and are now expecting this precious little miracle baby that we all have been hoping for. This is clear proof that you must be patient and not loose faith that everything will work out.

Seeing the two of them, and her perfect little belly truly makes my heart happy! I am so ready to meet baby Parker, and I know Becca and Ryan are too. Here are a few favorites of their beautiful shoot. Enjoy!

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We also spent some time photographing Becca and her twin sister, Rachel. Twin sisters, baby cousins, and flower crowns; what more could you ask for? You both are so beautiful! 2017-02-02_00112017-01-29_0005

Waiting for baby H

This has absolutely been a week of a lot of throw-backs! Two clients that I photographed happened to be ones that I not only had the pleasure of photography their weddings, but I have also gotten to photograph their children and growing families! Taylor was first in front of my lens in 2012, at 2 years old. And now he is going to be a big brother! My, how time flies! I love that my clients have become friends, and that I am able to share a small part in their journey. Follow on Instagram @elsiejphoto

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